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Barrack Obama joined the US Senate in January, 2005. He was a former law professor aged 43 years old. His annual salary as a professor was USD$85,000  an equivalent of  Ksh. 8,500,000 per year. Since then he has spent 12 years in Washington as a politicians in various capacities. In this article we are looking at how much he earned from various sources.

Obamas have achieved several milestones while in the Capital. He created new laws (such as Obama Care), earned over USD$20 million and even ended two wars.

The largest portion of his earning (3/4) was generated from his lucrative book deals. The Forbes magazine has tracked his income from tax returns over a period of 16 years. As an author he earned USD$15.6 million. The book Audacity of Hope generated him $8.8 million. Another book, Dreams from My Father published in 1995 increased its sales during his time in Washington and generated $6.8 million.

Obama’s salary income as a president totaled $3.7 million. This was a great rise from their annual income of $300,000 per year between 2000 and 2004. After 2004 all the way to 2008, Obama earned $2.4 million USD (or Ksh. 240 million equivalent) per annum.

During Barrack Obamas time as a Senator, Michele worked as a Vice President for Community and External Affairs at Hospitals owned by University of Chicago. Out of this job she earned $317,000 in 2005 and a lower figure ($274,000) in 2006. During those two years at Chicago she also sat 0n the board of TreeHouse Foods (a publicly traded company) where she earned $80,000. This was part of the total Obama Income while in Washington.

What next for Obamas?

All is not lost for this first family considering that Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in debts. Later (between 2001 and 2015) they managed to generate $240 million through speaking, writing and consulting. I may be tempted to say that the US presidents make more money after their term at the White House.

We see a busy time of making money for the Obamas starting 2017 onwards.

What do you think Obama will be doing after his tenure at the Oval Office? Will Obama income while in Washington be surpassed by his post presidency dealings? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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