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The corruption index ranking 2016 was recently released. On Friday January 27th, 2017 the Cord Co-Principal Mr. Raila Odinga called an international press conference at his Karen home in Nairobi to raise concerns with the level of corruption in the country. 




During the interview, he responded to the the fact that Kenya has been ranked among the 20 most corrupt countries in the world by the corruption ranking index 2016 compiled by Transparency International. It is in the same categories as Bangladesh, Cameroon, The Gambia, Nicaragua, Somalia and Madagascar among others. 



The CORD leader accused the president for “applying empty rhetoric” on the war on corruption. This was clear because in the corruption ranking index 2016, Kenya was ranked no 145 out of 176 countries globally. That is being real corrupt and the opposition chief even said during the press conference that “presidency is the patron of the corruption cartels and racketeers.”


 Below is the video on corruption ranking index 2016: 

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