Sharing is Caring

 Suicide has been known to become the last solution after a long struggle for mental distress. But this is not the case.

According to reports, a person lacks a solution to something and after a long time of stress, his or her mental health gets affected commits suicide in the end.

When somebody feels like he or she is overthinking on something, there is need to let go. This is because humans sometimes have no control over the environment and anything can happen any time.

We can control what we are capable of and let the nature do the rest. To ensure that stress does not overtake our mental health, its better we share the cause to close friends and family. This allows the head to get relieved.


Here are some of the causes of suicide;


  1. Depression and bipolar disorder
  2. Joblessness
  3. Breakup of relationships or death
  4. Academic failures and pressures
  5. Bullying
  6. Alcoholism and substance abuse
  7. Financial difficulties
  8. Legal difficulties
  9. Previous suicide attempts
  10. History of suicide in a family


All this can be avoided by seeking help from those in the inner circle or if the problem continues, its better if the psychological expert is involved.

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