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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 proved so exciting to the extent that the company skipped a whole number (Galaxy Note 6) in its upgrading sequence.

There was need to maintain consistence in aesthetics across the series (S7 and S7 Edge). This is probably the main reason for foregoing the sixth series. The new S7 Smartphone comes with a curved display and a dual edge. This is described as a bezel-free curvature that has been introduced for the first time ever.

The simplification of the S7 Note is meant to simplify life. It makes the device fit well in the hand as opposed to the previous ones. Samsung is hell-bent on shaving off some of the weight and size. The upgrade reduced the width from 76.2 millimeters to 73.9 millimeters. The weight has not been spared either. It now weighs 169 grams.

We have noted a number of changes in terms of form. We now look at the display. This has generally remained the same. The designers have maintained the 2560×1440 quad HD. This works perfectly well on 518 pixels for every inch. I dare say that this is perfect.

Anyone can guess that the processor received an upgrade. It now stands as octa-core made up of 2.3 GHz quad plus 1.6GHz quad.

Samsung has set a standard at 64GB of storage. It company moves away from the 32GB memory variant. It is important to note that you can expand your memory space up to 256 GB. You can achieve this by adding a microSD slot. The S7 works on a 4GB RAM.

The upgrades did not spare the battery either. It received a whopping 17 percent upgrade from 3,000 mAH to the new 3,500 mAH. The same time as before is required to charge the new capacity battery. This is made possible through the use of the legendary USB-C type charger. The users receive an adapter as part of the package.

Good news. The new device is getting an additional color: coral blue. It is a metallic-looking but soft and unsex. This is in addition to the standard gold, silver and black that we have seen in previous devices. It is considered to be less harsh compared to the dark navy blue that the company has been promoting in the past.

samsung galaxy note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Photo: wikimedia commons

Note that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is both dust and water resistant. This becomes the first. It is good to learn that the mobile device is protected from water immersion up to a depth of 1 meter! This is a feature to boast of when you own this superior device. As a challenge we are looking forward towards a device that can withstand boiling water or porridge for at least 10 minutes! This is not impossible! It will mark the era of super smartphones. Crazy idea! I guess so. Probably that is where we are heading in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 9 and 10. This is the beauty of technology.

samsung galaxy note 7
Galaxy Note 7 logo. Photo: wikimedia commons


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