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2.5 Million Samsung Galaxy Note 7s to be recalled over Faulty Batteries

4th September 2016

Lithium-ion batteries are used in a range of devices: electric cars, cellphones, airplanes and laptops to name but a few. This is a main source of power for modern technologies. On the other hand, these batteries are also the main source of many problems. In some cases they overheat, explode and in some instances catch […]

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samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

4th August 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 proved so exciting to the extent that the company skipped a whole number (Galaxy Note 6) in its upgrading sequence. There was need to maintain consistence in aesthetics across the series (S7 and S7 Edge). This is probably the main reason for foregoing the sixth series. The new S7 Smartphone comes […]

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lenovo technology

Lenovo Group: Chinese Technology Company

2nd August 2016

Lenovo Group Limited is a Chinese technology company with its headquarters in Beijing, China. The company was founded in 1984 by a group of 10 engineers. The company manufacturers computer hardware and other electronics. Lenovo operates Research and Development Centers in many capitals of the world. They also operate a campus in Haidian District in […]

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Choosing Hardware Step-by-Step

4th July 2016

Buying a new personal computer can be challenging. Numerous people find it difficult to compare features, processor types and prices among other things. Therefore, making a choice is an uphill task for such people. The following factors should be considered when choosing hardware. Usability:Start your search with the task the computer will be performing in […]

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