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As I write this article, The Netherlands is in full lock-down due to Covid-19 and people in Amsterdam were not impressed hence they took to the streets. The police came out with dogs to meet the protesters.



The protesters crashed with the Dutch riot police on Sunday. This happened in Amsterdam. People were dispersed by force using batons and police dogs. The police came wearing helmets and shield and carrying their batons as expected.  The protesters received a beating because they were violating local orders against forming huge crowds.


During the mayhem at least 30 people were arrested while some others left with serious injuries courtesy of the police batons and bites from the German Shepherds. The Netherlands is implementing strict lock-down protocols from last month due to a wave of omicron cases. This has led to shutting down of nearly every type of business in the country.


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One thought on “Police in Amsterdam control anti-lock-down protests using dogs and batons

  1. Amsterdam Police are dangerous, I wanna stay away from them when I visit. Kwanza huyo jamaa amekamatwa mkono na police dog, weh! 🙂

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