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Photottix Hector 7HD Review 

This is not a promoted article. 

These are my honest opinions about this product that I use every day for blogging and film making. 

A few months ago, I bought a Nikon D3200 camera to use for photography and film making for the web. I did not know that since I’ll mostly be working alone I needed a camera with a flap that turns a round to enable me see the quality of my work as I shoot the videos!

The Photottix Hector 7HD LCD screen is an answer to my worries. 

Power of Story Telling

I did not give up. I was encouraged by one video by Casey Neistat testimony that a story is more important than the equipment we use for blogging. You can have the best equipment but if you have no story, then you can not make it in film-making.

The Package 

Here is what comes a long with the Phottik Hector 7HD:

  1. Instructional Manual 
  2. AC Power Supply 
  3. Battery Charger 
  4. Lithium battery 
  5. Hector 7HD plus a Sun Shield 
  6. IR remote 
  7. C6 and C8 shutter cables 
  8. HDMI cable 
  9. Neoprene Bag (for protecting the Hector 7HD)
  10. N8 and N10 shutter cables 
  11. S6 shutter cable 
  12. P6 shutter cable 
  13. QC certificate 
  14. A2+2.5mm cable 
  15. 06 shutter cable 

That is plenty of stuff in one package. The screen is used to make viewing of your photos and videos a seamless experience. 

Types of Cables  

  • HDMI cables 
  • AV cables 

The IR Remote 

IR remote

The IR remote can be used up to a range of 10 meters. The remote is a very convenient was for film-makers to do their work with efficiency. 

At this point in time I’ll now take you through the assembling process and show you how it works. It is fantastic. 

I can’t wait to show you everything about this wonderful photography device.

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