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Lenovo Group (china) Limited is a Chinese technology company with its headquarters in Beijing, China. The company was founded in 1984 by a group of 10 engineers. The company manufacturers computer hardware and other electronics.

Lenovo Group (china) Limited operates Research and Development Centers in many capitals of the world. They also operate a campus in Haidian District in Beijing. The company headquarters are located in Morrisville in North Carolina.

lenovo technology
lenovo hardware. Photo credit: Kerosi Technologies Limited

Lenovo Group (China) Limited supplies the following products worldwide:

  • tablets
  • servers
  • smartphones
  • scanners
  • notebooks
  • printers
  • storage devices
  • Television sets
  • desktops and
  • scanners

In 2016, Lenovo Group (China) Limited generated USD$ 44.91 Billion in sales. This is a reflection of success from their operations in 60 countries and sales in 160 countries globally. The company first entered the SmartPhone business in 2014.

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