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The political campaign session is hear once again. 


Every 5 years, we go to the ballot. Now political aspirants are busy traversing the country in quest to garner majority of the votes. 


The race to the house on the hill – State House- has picked speed. Right from the beginning it looks like a two horse 🐎🐎 race. 


Right Hon. Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto are at the forefront of that race. 


Their supporters are rallying behind them in large numbers. We can’t say for sure who is winning the race. 

Ethnic tensions  

The only thing that we as Kenyans we need to avoid is the fueling of ethnic tensions which might be costly in terms of human lives. 


Politicians from both sides should be allowed to support their favorite candidates. This time round and going forward, Kenyans must avoid our tribal cocoons and ethnic balkanization. 


All politicians must watch and select carefully words that come out of their mouths. This can cause deadly violence as witnessed in previous elections especially the 2007/2008 one. 


We can have peaceful, fair and free elections. It is POSSIBLE. 


We encourage in-depth and robust debates on what economic model is best for the country. Genuine and inclusive ideas should be debated and documented for implementation once a new government is formed in the coming days. 


In order to have organized and informed public debates political parties must invest resources not only on civic education but start with sensitizing their political candidates some of whom have appeared clueless in the recent past. 


Economic experts such as Dr. David Ndii of UDA and those behind ODM ideologies should lead public discourses to inform decision making by the voters. 


I’m reliably informed that we have one week to go in registration of voters. If you are thinking of changing your polling station to vote for your favorite politician, do so before the time lapses. 


We sharing be sharing detailed analyses on political events in Kenya as our contribution to voter education. 


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Kenya political terrain
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