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Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin issued an apology after her two female friends were featured in a photo kissing while topless at her official government residence. 


The photo was taken beside the Prime Minister’s desk where she is most of the time filmed making government announcements. 


One of the two women is Sabina Sarkka, 33, a social media influencer. The other topless woman  used the official sign spelling “Finland ” to cover her bare breasts in the said photo.


The sign is usually seen on Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s desk when she participates in international video conferences such as when talking to world leaders or the European Union. 


Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36, was forced to apologize and stated that the photograph should “never have been taken” in the first place. 


She stated that the video was taken on July 10 when she was hosting a group of her friends in her garden in the evening. Early on they had participated in the Ruisrock festival in Finland. 

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin said that her friends were only allowed to access the toilets in the house. They took that opportunity to shoot the video which was later screens-shot and went viral online. 


The photo was initially posted on Ms Sarkka’s TikTok account along with another video showing her and her friends including the Prime Minister dancing in the gardens of her house which was constructed in 1863. 

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Video number two featured Ms Sarkka and her friends such as Alma, 26, as they walked down a footpath with exaggerated swings of hips and shoulders beside a tennis court.  


Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin has recently been criticized because of a series of leaked videos showing her partying seriously. 


Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin was also seen in one of the videos dancing intimately with a musician during a night out in Helsinki. 


We told you that she took a drug test in a past article. Now we inform you that she tested negative. That means that she did not consume any drugs. She was forced into the drug test by members of the opposition party in Finland. 


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