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Russia has stopped supplying natural gas to Finland. This news was announced by Gasum – state-owned energy company. 


After US and EU sanctioned Russia over the war in Ukraine, Russia said that unfriendly countries must pay for gas supplies in Ruble (Russian currency). 


Finland imports most of her gas from Russia. Finland refused to pay for gas from Russia in Rubles. 



Early this week, Finland and Sweden applied to become members of NATO. 


On May 15, Russia cut electricity supplies to Finland after threatening the county of attacks if they apply to join NATO. 


Gasum stated that the move was “regrettable” but said that there would be no disruption to customers. 



“It is highly regrettable that natural gas supplies under our supply contract will now be halted,” said Gasum CEO Mika Wiljanen.



“However, we have been carefully preparing for this situation and provided that there will be no disruptions in the gas transmission network, we will be able to supply all our customers with gas in the coming months,” he added



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