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Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition are confident with there watertight evidence that arrived Milimani courts in a lorry on Monday. They filed a petition to challenge presidential results of 2022 General Elections.


The Azimio presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, said that their victory was stolen and their evidence was enough to bring down their opponents.


He regarded those who stole their votes as ‘thieves’ and claimed that they will be shamed after the courts decide over the petition. Raila was accompanied by Martha Karu, his running mate.


 “Let us remain calm but vigilant as we prosecute our case at the Supreme Court,” Raila said.


Martha showed her confident that the petition will favor their side because the evidence was more than enough.


“our victory has only been deferred but it is coming home.” Karua said.


She also accused the electoral agency of joining hands with the president elect William Ruto to take away Raila’s deserved victory.


 “What happened was the highest form of criminality. The criminal enterprise led by Mr Chebukati gave access to their servers to Ruto. They cooked figures to steal your victory,” Ms Karua claimed.


William Ruto was declared the President elect by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission chair Wafula Chebukati, beating his opponent Odinga.


Raila Odinga became the second and was defeated for the fifth time. He vowed to challenge the presidential results. Later after the declaration of the president elect, he claimed that the IEBC servers were hacked.

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Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila’s ally, slammed the foreign missions and embassies of taking Ruto’s side.


 “We want them to remain neutral. Some of them were quick to send congratulatory messages t even before results were announced,” Mr. Kalonzo claimed.

“We have presented before court a watertight case. The evidence will shock the country and the world at large,” he added.


In addition, the former Prime Minister claimed that some people tried to stop him from filing the petition. He did not disclose their names but he claimed they will be embarrassed.


“For the sake of Kenya’s future, the corruption network must not only be stopped, it must also be crushed. This attempted takeover of the country in this election has not been an isolated phenomenon. It has been in the works every electoral cycle,” Mr. Odinga claimed.


The Orange Democratic Movement leader claimed that it is now time Kenya to walk the talk.


“No nation, once captured by cartels — whether they be corruption cartels, drug cartels, gun running cartels or terror cartels — has ever thrived or realised its full potential. This is the time to walk the talk,” said the Azimio presidential candidate.

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