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More than 10 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed globally with the virus claiming over 500,000 lives according to data compiled by the John Hopkins University.

Half of the global cases have been in Europe and the United States. The virus is rapidly spreading in the Americas.

One million cases have been reported in the last six days.

The United States is leading with virus cases. More than 2.5 Million cases have been recorded with 125,000 deaths.

The states in the US that emerged from lockdown in recent weeks are reporting increase in new infections.

The second-hardest hit country is Brazil, with a total of 1.3 million cases, and deaths in excess of 57,000.

Despite the rising number of infections, the State of Rio de Janeiro has said it will allow fans into football stadiums from July 10 initially at one-third capacity.

China imposed a strict lockdown near Beijing on Sunday to curb new infections. About half a million people will not be allowed to travel in and out of Anxin County in Hebei province.

Source: BBC News

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