Sugar Economics under NAFTA

24th June 2017

  Sugar Economics Under NAFTA Jeffrey Frankel, a Harvard Professor has penned a great article on econbrowser about the sugar business. He starts us off by pointing out that Canada, United States and Mexico will be meeting soon to start re-negotiation of NAFTA. This may be by August and sugar is on top of the […]

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successful school drop outs

Malcom X and Self Education

14th May 2017

Malcom X on Self Education  Malcom X is an interesting person to study when it comes to self-education. He was not an academic scholar but he was a champion of self-education.  Malcom X was born in 1925 as Malcom Little in Omaha. His father was a Minister with the Baptist church and he was a […]

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Berkshire Hathaway’s Buffet offers Advice during Q&A Session with Shareholders

8th May 2017

Lessons from Berkshire Hathaway On 5th May, 2017 Warren Buffet and his business partner Charlie Munger answered several questions from the Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders during the company’s Annual General Meeting. The shareholders asked a variety of questions and the duo offered great answers. Here are 5 main lessons learnt from the Q&A session.  Read More: […]

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Ban on electronics larger than a mobile phone from flights

22nd March 2017

BAN ON ELECTRONICS LARGER THAN MOBILE PHONES ON FLIGHTS – USA Several reports on the ban on electronics have indicated that travelers from Middle Eastern and African countries will not be allowed to check in any gadgets bigger than mobile phones. Passengers will be required put all their kindles, laptops and other portable gadgets into […]

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Self-made women billionaires

In 2017 Self-made women broke the ceilings

21st March 2017

2017: SELF-MADE WOMEN HAVE BROKEN WORLD RECORD Women have not been left behind when we start counting the number of richest billionaires around the world. There are women trailblazers who will inspire you to the core. They achievements have been reported on Forbes and other international media. Forbes magazine reported that 56 women made a […]

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China losses its crown as number 1 foreign creditor of US!!!

19th December 2016

China losses its crown as number 1 foreign creditor of US!!! For a long time, China has been the number one creditor of the United States of America. It reported that China has been dumping U.S government debt in order to prop up her currency. The dollars received from selling US Treasuries are used to […]

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President Donald Trump’s Cabinet

16th December 2016

President-elect Mr. Donald Trump has lots of key positions to fill that will form a team to run the US presidency for the next couple of years. Romours on who will fill which position has been heard in many places. So far, Donald Trump has named 19 Americans to fill Cabinet-positions. We will keep you […]

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Effects of Trump’s 45% tariff on Chinese goods

7th December 2016

The proposed 45% tariff on Chinese goods  Donald Trump’s stand on China is well known. He blames the country for all American woes. From stated sponsored hacking, climate change to undermining of United States competitiveness. Since Trump was elected president, he has stopped blaming China for the American problems. The only action he has taken […]

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Homestretch for Trump and Clinton

26th October 2016

Clinton recently reported that she will now focus on issues as opposed to focusing on Donald Trump. Madam Clinton is the Democratic presidential candidate in the United States for August elections. She said this after debating Trump for more than four hours. She said this statement after recalling their heated exchange. She said this in […]

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The Cayman Islands Finally Agree to Help US Hunt Down Tax Cheats!

25th August 2013

CAYMAN ISLAND FOR TAX EVADERS American tax evasion takes place thanks to the help of Swiss banks. The crackdown has gone to the Cayman Islands. This is on the Caribbean Archipelago. The new Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will go come into effect starting mid-2014. This was reached after an agreement between the US […]

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