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Remains of two children were found in a briefcase bought by a family in an online auction. They alerted the New Zealand police of the horrifying incident and a homicide investigation has kicked off.


The report of the found human body parts reached the police last week. The family is based at South Auckland suburb of Manurewa.


According to reports from the family, the body parts were distributed all over the items they had ordered online.


After some investigations, the police discovered that the body parts merged to children aged between 5 and 10. Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua said the children died 3 to 4 years ago.

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“I really feel for the victims or the family of these victims. And, you know right here, right now, there are relatives out there that aren’t aware that their loved ones have deceased,” the Inspector said. 


Medical examination is being conducted on the body parts to retrieve the identity of the children. The police are doing inquiries to determine the source of the suitcases.

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