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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Japan has been badly hit in the pocket. Bars are the ones hit most because of the restrictions.


The Japanese government is looking for a way to convince young people to resume drinking alcohol. This comes as a measure to revive the economy.


The government has already started a campaign “Sake Viva!” that invites people to submit ideas that will enable the government stimulate liquor demand among young people.


A competition website has been created on the course of the campaign that attracts the youth through new services, promotional methods, products and designs.


“The domestic alcoholic beverage market is shrinking due to demographic changes such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and lifestyle changes due to the impact of Covid-19,” said the website.


The website also added that its aim is to appeal to the younger generation … and to revitalize the industry.   


Despite the efforts created by the government, some of the citizens are not on board. One wrote on twitter, “Are you kidding me? Staying away from alcohol is a good thing!”. Others condemned the government’s decision to encourage young people to drink.


They added that the government did not consider the health risk of the campaign. In the past, the Japanese Health Ministry had warned against excessive drinking and with regards to the current campaign, the government’s decisions are contradicting.

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