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Casemiro, Manchester United’s new signing, has been availed with tight security to guard him until he finds a new home in Manchester. Casemiro made his transfer from Real Madrid official last weekend.


Manchester has reported a number of cases where gangs target residential homes of players and get away with property.


Paul Pogba, Manchester United midfielder who moved to Juventus during summer transfer, was attacked by robbers who broke his safe and stole his cash on March 2022.


Manchester United chiefs never took the matter of insecurity lightly. They took the responsibility of ensuring that Casemiro is safe from the gangs as he settles at Manchester.


A source said: “This transfer may have come about quite quickly but bosses at United have been working around the clock to make sure everything’s in place to help their new man settle in quickly.


“He will initially stay in a hotel but the club are already helping him try to line up properties in the area. The club are also making sure he has security in place from the moment he touches down in the country and for when he finds his own place.


“A lot of foreign stars don’t appreciate the scale of the threats and risk that come from criminals targeting them off the field. United are leaving nothing to chance and making sure their new star signing gets all the protection he needs.”

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Casemiro was given a warm welcome by Manchester United fans before their game against Liverpool kicked off.


Fans celebrated his arrive because they have seen his work at Manchester. He is now expected to create a strong midfield together with Fred, Christian Eriksen, Scott Mctominay, Bruno Fernandez and others. He is a defensive midfielder. 


Casemiro witnessed Manchester’s win against there rivals and is now ready to join the squad.


A source said that Casemiro might play in their next game against Southampton.


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