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Kapil & Rahul Bhatia have a net worth of $5.8 billion. This is father and son. They are the owners of InterGlobe Aviation whose IndiGo is the largest passenger airline in India having a 62 percent domestic market share. The company has won more than 100 awards in various categories for their excellent service. IndiGo usually leases planes for a period of 6 years and returns them to keep the company fleet young.


IniGo was founded by Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal. The latter has been in the aviation industry since 1980 when he worked with Booz & alllen Hamilton Inc. Rakesh lives in Francisco. He has ordered 780 planes out of which 300 have been delivered.

Rahul Bhatia

InterGlobe Enterprises has interests in aviation, logistics, travel commerce, hotels (InterGlobe Hotels), luxury goods, ticketing, travel IT, local sales rep,  advanced pilot training, aircraft maintenance and airline management.


IndiGo owns a fleet of more than 358 aircraft and flies to over 118 destinations including 26 abroad. Pieter Elbers formely of KLM is the CEO of the airline.


In 2019, Gangwal and Bhatias differed publicly on how the IndiGo company is run. Gangwal stepped down from the board and said that he will be selling his stake slowly.


InterGlobe Enterprises partnered with UPS to start Movin which is a brand new logistics brand in India. The company owns an hospitality business which runs 21 hotels in India and 13 hotels outside India including Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel (investment made in 2018).


Interglobe Enterprises was established in  1989 and has its headquarters in Gurugram and has 60,000 people on its payroll working from more than 130 cities worldwide.


InterGlobe Enterprises owns 17 IBIS Hotels in India. In 2018, InterGlobe Enterprises acquired 10 boutique hotels in Europe (Paris, Budapest, London and Barcelona).


In 2017, InterGlobe started the development of 241 Keys Quincy Hotel in Melbourne Australia. The same year, the company invested on Reichsof Harmburg  which a serious curio collection by Hilton Hotel.


The InterGlobe also established a School of Maintenance Engineering for aircrafts.


By 2017, IndiGo was operating more than 2000+ flights per day. This was a great milestone for this Indian airline.


In 2015, InterGlobe set a record by placing an order of 250 Airbus Airplanes.


In 2013, InterGlobe entered into Advanced Pilot Training. The company established the state-of-the-art facility in India.


In 2o11, Indigo ordered 150 A320  neos and 30 A320S planes.


Rahul Bhatia holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo in Canada. After college he worked for IBM before he returned to India and started InterGlobe Enterprises Limited.


Rahul Bhatia set a record by purchasing 500 Airbus planes.

Rahul Bhatia


Rahul Bhatia owns a company known as THE ESTABLISHED which is in the business of selling luxury cars, yachts, high-end motorcycles as well as private planes/jets.


Currently, they plan to launch an electric air taxis in India.

InterGlobe Enterprises Air Taxi



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