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Muthoot family has a net worth of $ 4.9 billion. The family controls Muthoot Finance which is the leading lender against gold in India. The group estimates that Indians own over 20,000 tons of gold.


The Muthoot Group was founded in 1887 as a trading company in grains and timber as well as in supplying rations to large British plantations. Currently, the company has interests in over 20 business divisions such as IT, Media, power generation, healthcare, plantations, infrastructure, restaurants, hospitality and precious metals. It operates 6,100 branches and has 40,000 dedicated employees.


The group founded by N. Mathai Muthoot has its presence in India, United States, Nepal, United Kingdom, UAE and Sri Lanka.


The company serves over 200,000 customers every single day. They have an excess of 5,750 branches across India.


George Muthoot serves as the chairman of the group and he used to run the company with three of his brothers. He died in March 2021. The current chairman is Jacob Muthoot.


The company’s logo is made up of two elephants standing trunk-to-trunk from the herd that the family used to own for the timber transport business.


Muthoot Homefin (India) Limited is a housing finance company.


Muthoot Systems & Technologies Pvt Limited.


The group also owns media interests known Chennai Live 104.8 FM which was founded in 2006.


Muthoot Hospitals was founded in 1988 as multi-specialty hospitals and also operates several specialty clinics. The group also operates a Cancer Research Center based in Kozhencherry.


Other businesses:

  • 4 luxury hotels known as Xandari
  • Pampa Villa
  • Kayal Villa
  • 10 Kettuvallam
  • Tours & Travel Services known as Travel Jango which provides air ticketing, tour packages, passport services, travel insurance, visa services and forex trading.
  • Muthoot Builders established in 1990;
  • St. George’s School in New Delhi established in 1930
  • Muthoot Institute of Science and Technology
  • Muthoot Alternative Energy Resources est 1993
  • Muthoot Plantations (where tea, coconut, rubber and cardamom is grown)
  • Muthoot Finserve USA – wire transfer services
  • Muthoot Finance UK – where it runs 6 branches
  • Muthoot Global Money Transfers
  • Xandari Resort & Spa in Costa Rica which is located on a 30 acre plantation
  • Muthoot Hotels


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