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The three brothers have a net worth of $5.8 billion. The family owned a pharmacy in Jaipur later established Macleods Pharmaceuticals in 1986 to manufacture anti-TB drugs.


Macleods Pharmaceuticals has 9 subsidiaries in Kenya, USA, European Union, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Nigeria, Malaysia, Philipines and Nigeria. They also have a branch office in Kazakhstan.


The company supplies HIV, Anti-TB and Malaria drugs in East Africa. The Macleods Pharmaceuticals produce their drugs in 8 factories. Three of those factories are in Daman where they produce injectables, liquid oral, dry syrub etc


The company is in the business of manufacturing generic drugs for diseases such as osteoporosis, asthma and diabetes.


Rajendra Agarwal, is a qualified medical doctor and the company’s Managing Director. He is the youngest of the three brothers.


Girdhari Lal is the executive Director while Banwari Lal is the joint managing director.



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