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Argentina and Galatasaray striker Mauro Icardi spent $27 million on a rare Rolls Royce.


The soccer star made a permanent swicth to Galatasaray after spending the last season at the club from PSG. He has so far so good scored four goals in 3 league games. That is a great start fore the soccer star.


The footballer spent a whooping $27 million on a rare Rolls Royce which he effectively named Boat Trail.


The Boat Trail is known to be one of the most expensive new cars in the world and there are only three cars of its kind in the entire world.


The other similar cars are owned by Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce owns the other car. The third Boat Trail is owned by an industrialist who found his fortune in the pearl industry.


It is reported that it took four years to build by hand one Boat Trail. That means the cars are built with a lot of care.


The Boat Trail is a four-seater convertible and has a telescopic table as well as a parasol attached to it and they open automatically which makes it a perfect fit for picnics for a couple. The car also contains porcelain plates and cutlery from Christofle.


There are two refrigerators which are ready to be used and have been designed specifically to hold the bottles of champagne.


The car produces 600 horsepower. That is a lot of power compare that to 109 horsepower on a Toyota NZE or 105 hp on Toyota Probox. The Boat Trail is a super car to say the least.






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