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Parents in Greystones in County Wicklow have agreed not to purchase smartphones for their kids until they get to secondary school.


Residents of a seaside town in Ireland have made a decision not to provide phones to their children.


All 8 primary schools in the town located to the South of Dublin had stopped children from bringing electronic devices into the school.


This is a revolutionary approach which may be adopted by parents in Britain.


In July United Nation’s education, science and culture (UNESCO) called for banning of phones from classrooms across the globe.


“I suppose the majority of people would feel under pressure to buy a phone for their child because their peers have it.

“So the more kids that don’t have one, the easier it is for us.”



Parents need to be strict about this issue. The rise in social media has led to a rise in mental health crisis for teenagers.


“I’ve got three girls.

“My youngest hasn’t got a phone.

“She uses her mother’s to play games but she doesn’t have her own phone until she’s in first year.”


France banned phones in classrooms in 2018 while Italy did the same in 2022. Finland and Holland have also banned phones in class.



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