Gabon’s overthrown president, Ali Bongo, has been freed and allowed to travel abroad. 

Ali Bongo the son of former President Omar Bongo was held under house arrest since the coup happened in Gabon. 


“Given his state of health, the former President of the Republic Ali Bongo Ondimba is free to move about. He may, if he wishes, travel abroad to receive medical check-ups,” Col. Ulrich Manfoumbi told media in a statement.


In 2018, Ali Bongo suffered stroke and spent months in Morocco receiving treatment. As a result people questioned his ability to continue serving as president and he faced unsuccessful coup in 2019. 


Ali Bongo has been in power since 2009 when he succeeded his father Omar Bongo. 


Omar Bongo ruled Gabon for 42 years and is credited for ensuring peace and no coups during his tenure. 


If Ali Bongo decides to leave Gabon, he is likely to go to France where they have over 39 properties, 70 bank accounts and other luxury assets such as super cars. 


The Bongo family also own homes in USA which are valued at millions of dollars. The