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A company in Slovakia called AeroMobil is building a flying cars of the future. This will make it possible for drivers to beat traffic jams in cities around the world.


Photo: Aeromobil 3.0

When I try to imagine, the traffic jam will be transferred from the ground to the air. That will be very fatal in cities with chaotic drivers like Nairobi.

The best thing about this flying cars of the future when they hit the market is that you will simply fly to the airstrip near your home and then simply drive home.  

The AeroMobil, the model of the flying cars of the future, has been named the Most beautiful flying car. It converts in seconds from a car to a plane. 

The flying car of the future integrates the available features of a car and a plane. The beauty of this flying car of the future is that it fits into any standard parking lot and it uses ordinary petrol.

On the other hand as a plane, it can be allowed to land and take off from any airport facility as a plane. It can also land or take off on any paved or grass strip that is 100 meters long. 

This flying car of the future prototype is a great improvement on the previous flying car prototypes. Currently, it is under flight-testing program in real flight environment. If it performs well and satisfies the requirements of regulators, it will be in the market soon. This program commenced on October 2014.

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