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Kuria Kanyingi is dead. He was a Member of Parliament for Limuru. He died in India while undergoing treatment. He was aged 71 years old when he died of colon cancer. His death was reported by Mr. Milton Njoroge a family spokesman.
Kuria Kanyingi had been in India for three weeks. He died on Tuesday at 1 am. He also served as a Kiambu Kanu Chairman. He was very outspoken and served his constituency during the Moi regime. 
Kuria Kanyingi will be remembered for his generosity and assertiveness.  

Mr. Kuria Kanyingi at a fundraising event

He was the Member of Parliament (MP) of Limuru between 2002 and 2007. He was nicknamed Mr Moneybags after he donated Kshs 500,000 to a child who needed an urgent heart operation in 1990s.

Again in June 2006, he contributed Ksh. 2 million during a church fundraising at St. Monica Catholic Church in Limuru.

We sent heartfelt condolences to family and friends.
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