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The following is a list of reported achievements;

  • Renovation and maintenance of three airstrips at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve;
  • Tarmacked 500 meters of road in Narok Town;
  • Tarmacked 12 km of Ololulunga-Olmekenyu Road;
  • Grading of Ngendalel-Mashangwa road;
  • Extended Nailogulogi Duka Moja Water project pipeline for 13 kilometers;
  • Extended Suswa center pipeline project for 14 km;
  • Installed new pipeline at Sosian water project
  • Extended Mulot water project pipeline for 5.5km;
  • Established new project (Lolgorian water supply) supplying approximately 3,000 residents with clean water;
  • Abosi Water project was established to serve 300 residents with clean water;
  • Kapweria Kiletien water project to serve 3,000 residents;
  • Constructed 79 boreholes and 51 water pans/dams since 2013;

Tourism Sector 

  • Enhanced security within the Mara Ecosystem by employing an excess of 300 security rangers;
  • Collaborated with World Wide Fund (WWF) and Kenya Wildlife Service to ear notch and collar elephants and rhinos;
  • Graded roads within the game reserve to improve infrastructure;
  • Maasai Mara was voted the best in Africa for the fifth year in a row at the World Travel Award in Kigali, Rwanda;
  • Improved housing for the rangers in order to boost morale and improve their efficiency;

Achievements under Trade, Industrialization and Cooperative Development

  • Constructed modern markets, Jua Kali sheds, and upgraded existing markets and promoted cooperatives;
  • Successfully organized Narok County Investment summit where more than Ksh. 53 billion investment ventures were discussed and agreed;
  • Acquired a weighbridge and established a one stop shop for business registration;

Achievements under energy and Natural resources

  • 167,000 seedlings were planted in Enoosupukia forest towards increasing forest cover;
  • Households were connected to the national grid;
  • Established a solar powered grid with a capacity of 0.25 Kilo Watts (KW) at Talek;
  • Implemented street lighting program in 10 urban centers;

Land and Housing achievements

  • Renovated more than 90 houses;
  • Fenced 15 government houses to avoid encroachment;
  • Increased monthly rent collection to Ksh. 500,000;
  • Developed Narok Town Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plan (2011- 2030);
  • Rehabilitated Narok Town slaughter house;
  • Issued title deeds to 6 land adjudication areas;
  • 500 sub plots were created at Ratia A and Ole Waubari Suswa-Kitet Naikarra;

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