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Narok County Development Priorities 2018-2022

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Narok County Development Priorities 2018-2022

In this article we are focusing on the development priorities for Narok County for the period 2018-2022. Our aim is to encourage residents of Narok County to be active citizens in determining their destiny and enjoy access to basic services.  

According to Narok County CIDP 2018-2022, the following are the priorities for the second phase of five years ending in 2022:


Narok County is endowed with vast amount of natural resources. Masaai Mara game reserve is the most iconic considering that it is one of the most visited game reserves in Africa.

The leading attraction is the annual wildebeest migration which sees the arrival of these animals from Tanzania in July and they leave in November. It is one of the Great Wonders of the world.

There are a number of forests in Narok County. These are: Nyakweri, Olenguruone, Nairotia, Loita, Olposimoru among many others.

Now, Let’s highlight some of the sector priorities.

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Health Sector 2018-2022 

  • Establish dialysis center – Ksh. 300 million
  • Establish and equip ICUs – Ksh. 200 million
  • Establish a mental unit – Ksh. 60 million
  • Establish 5 casualty units – Ksh. 60 million
  • Spend Ksh. 462 million to purchase 55 functional ambulances;
  • Establish 84 new health facilities at a cost of Ksh.731 million;
  • Spend Ksh. 56 million to renovate and equip 7 mortuaries;
  • Construct 30 staff houses at primary healthcare centers across Narok at a cost of Ksh. 52 million;
  • Spend Ksh. 49 million on advocacy sessions, radio and TV Shows;
  • Promote Open Defecation Free (ODF) in 1,500 villages at a cost of 156 million;
  • Spend Ksh. 800 million on County Health Insurance Fund;
  • Spend 233 million to recruit health workers;
  • Spend Ksh. 5.8 billion to pay health workers;
  • Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
  • 150 million to purchase 30 tractors;
  •   70 million to purchase 7 bulldozers;
  • 30 million to purchase 3 low loaders;
  • 120 million to be spent on Operation Make Narok Green Again
  • Spend Ksh. 500 million on provision of subsidized agricultural inputs for vulnerable groups;
  • 1 billion to construct 6 auxiliary dams;
  • 1 billion for branding and vaccination of livestock in Narok County;


  • Spend Ksh. 6.5 billion to grade 5,000 km of roads;
  • 600 million to rehabilitate roads;
  • 395 million to install box culverts and bridges;

Water, Environment and Natural Resources

  • 120 million to delineate and gazette 6 county forests;
  • 120 million to establish forest protection bases – ranger camps;
  • Spend Ksh. 1.8 billion to increase forest cover by 1,800 ha;
  • 200 million to be spent in decommissioning the existing dumpsite;

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