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At the moment, Kenya is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and all that we demand is for a better Kenya. There is a cocktail of diseases ailing our motherland. Chief among them is corruption or wanton misuse of public resources. 

What can we do to get a better Kenya? 

I have thought of five (5) key steps that can sanitize our country and liberate us from bondage. 

1) Improve our ethics and behavior

Corrupt dealings starts from our thinking. If we sanitize our thoughts, then we can do away with corruption.  We look forward for the day when the word corrupt will exist only in our dreams and of course in the dictionary.

2). Strengthen our laws on corruption 

There are those who argue that Kenya does not have a deficit of good laws. The problem is that we are not committed towards implementing the existing laws to the letter. On this matter I agree. absolutely. 

However, the laws are sometimes lenient on “big fish” as Professor Patrick Loch Lumumba used to call them. 

It is immoral and unfair for us to give instant and severe punishment for chicken and mobile phone thieves while those who have raped our economy are tossing Campaign and visiting exotic world destinations for holidays. 

3) Assassinate impunity in Kenya

Impunity is one of largest problem in Kenya. This is a situation where some people in our society break the law and nothing happens to them. The law just like a saw should apply equally for every one of their position in life notwithstanding. 

Some people kill and maim and nothing happens. In fact we glorify thieves, suspected murderers, robbers and other outlaws. We elect them into high offices, they serve us as Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of County Assembly, Senators, County Women Representatives and Governors among others.  

4) There is need to elect and nominate people of integrity to hold public offices

We easily elect people who have failed to deliver in other sectors of the economy. These are our heroes or that is how it seems to me. 

Otherwise how can we explain the nomination of political failures to serve in foreign missions? We should nominate career diplomats in these positions and not the corrupt people who are the spoils of democracy. 

5) Stop tribalism and nepotism

Tribalism and nepotism is bringing Kenya into its knees. When most employees in a public office are of the same tribe as the chief executive officer means that there is a problem. 

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