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New Kenyan Ambassadors to Learn on fine dining etiquette and table manners before dispatch

All ambassadors and high commissioners will be taught on fine dining etiquette and table manners before dispatch to the foreign lands.

They will be trained at the Foreign Service Academy on a number of things on a three (3) months intensive course. Everything from which side of the car a spouse should sit, fashion for various occasions, how to communicate and protocol for diplomatic service.

This information about training on fine dining etiquette and table manners was revealed by Ambassador Solomon Nabukwesi who presides over the Foreign Service Academy in Nairobi City.

The new ambassadors includes: Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi (UNESCO in Paris); Willy Bett (India); Dan Kazungu (Tanzania); Judy Wakhungu (France); Hassan Wario (Austria) and Phylis Kandie (EU and Belgium).

Majority of the diplomats currently serving in foreign missions were appointed in 2012 and 2013 and will soon be replaced since their terms have come to an end. This means that Jubilee Administration will have to appoint approximately 40 other diplomats to serve Kenya abroad.

It’s important for all people to learn about fine dining etiquette and table manners in order not to embarrass yourself.

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