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YouTube Chief Executive Officer, Susan Wojcicki, one of the pioneer employees at Google has stepped down after two and half decades. 


Susan Wojcicki announced her decision on YouTube on 16 February. 


Susan, 54, commenced her work at Google in her garage some 25 years ago.


She will be replaced by her deputy Neal Mohan who joined the company in 2008. 


The change has come as the advertising revenues fell for the second quarter in a row.  The cause was intense competition from other companies such as TikTok, Facebook and Netflix.


Mohan has in the past focused on building a product known as YouTube shorts. 


Susan Wojcicki has stated that she will direct her focus to “family, health, and personal projects”, and has plans to take a new advisory role at Google parent company – Alphabet.


She previously served as senior Vice President for ad products at Google and became a CEO of YouTube in 2014. 


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