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The 400 Mawozo gang kidnapped 17 missionaries out of which 16 are Americans and 1 Canadian. Haiti police confirmed that the 17 missionaries were kidnapped on 16 October, 2021.The 400 Mawozo is one of the most dangerous gangs in Haiti.


The missionaries were on a bus leaving an orphanage at the time of the kidnap. The bus was heading to the airport at the time. Now it has been established that there were two Haitians in the group making the total number of those abducted 19.


According to the ABC News, the kidnapping happened at the intersection of “Carrefour Boen” and “La Tremblay 17”. Right now, now one knows where the victims were taken.


The 400 Mawozo is a notorious gang that controls part of Haiti Capital, Port-au-Prince. New York Times revealed that the group has in the past been engaging in kidnapping and violence. The group is accused of kidnapping nine members of the Catholic Clergy back in April.


The Roman Catholic church protested and demanded for the release of the group by closing down all the catholic institutions including schools and universities for three days. Eventually, they were released.


Haiti has reported the highest number of kidnapping in the world with an excess of 600 in 2021 alone. Gang violence increased in Haiti following the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July 2021.


Further, violence between competing gangs has been reported in Haiti in recent months to take control of the country.


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