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All counties in Kenya are required by law to develop a county fiscal strategy paper (CFSP) every year. This document is made up of four main parts. These are: 3P’s and 1C.

  • Performance
  • Priorities
  • Projections
  • Ceiling
Photo: A street in Mombasa City

According to CFSP 2019, the following are the priorities for FY 2019/2020:

  1. Increased accessibility to water and food security;
  2. Improved health services;
  3. Streamlined waste management services;
  4. Provision of Quality Education, Gender Empowerment, Youth and Sports development;
  5. Improved land and housing services;
  6. Investing in infrastructure development

Mombasa County receives its water from Mzima Springs in Taita Taveta, Marere and Sabaki/Baricho in Kilifi County and Tiwi boreholes in Kilifi County.

Many residents of Mombasa County depend on borehole water which is reported to be contaminated with fecal contamination.

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