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The Department of Justice in the USA believed that the former President, Donald Trump, had committed a crime. 


Hence, he ordered a search of one of the properties owned by Donald Trump. The search was conducted by FBI agents and 20 boxes full of secret documents were discovered following the search. 


The FBI took away 11 sets of classified files in total out of which four were labeled “top secret”. Three files were labeled as “secret documents” and another three were classified as “confidential”. 


There were also files marked “TS/SCI”. These are some of the most important documents in the U.S. 


If these documents are revealed to the general public, they are said to lead to “exceptionally grave” damage to the U.S. national security. 


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Some of the files taken away were only meant to be kept in secure state facilities according to court documents. 


Information received from the courts did not reveal what the documents contained. 

One of the files which was taken away contained photos, unspecified information about the President of France and handwritten notes. 


Response from Trump


Former President, Donald Trump, has responded following the FBI search on one of his homes. He died of any wrongdoing. 

He stated that all the documents taken away by the FBI agents were declassified and had been placed in “secure storage”. He stated that he was ready to turn them over if the Department for Justice had asked. 


On Friday, his Office issued a new statement insisting that the documents had been declassified. 


“The power to classify and declassify documents rests with the President of the United States,” the statement read in part. 


Trump indicated that he declassified the documents before he left office. 


“Presidents can declassify information but they have to follow a procedure,” Tom Dupree, a lawyer, told the media.


 “They can’t simply say these documents are declassified. They have to follow a process [and it is] not clear that was followed here.”


In the United States of America, there are several laws governing the handling of presidential records as well as classified information. 


While Trump was in office as president he increased the penalties for the removal of classified documents. This crime is punishable for up to five years in prison. 


The prosecutors are currently investigating three crimes as listed below: 


  • Criminal handling of government records
  • Violations of the Espionage Act and; 
  • Obstruction of justice 


None of the 3 criminal laws above depend on whether the files are declassified. The burden of proof that he was not involved in crime is upon Donald Trump. 


Up to now it is not clear whether criminal charges will be brought against him.  


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