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Few men try to prevent gray hair compared to women. Men are even proud of it. However, for women they do everything at their disposal to prevent grey hair.


Women resort to dying or colouring their hair more frequently than men. These are efforts to hide signs of getting old but age is not the only cause of gray hair. Majority of people start getting grey hairs in their mid or late 30s. It is a fact that age is not the only factor which lead hair to change colour.


Cause of grey hair at early age


Graying is what happens when color-producing cells in the body stop production of melanin. This is a natural phenomenon for most people when they grow old.


Also environmental triggers lead to premature graying according to Shari Lipner, MD who is associate professor of clinical dermatology.


The triggers include overexposure to sunlight because UV rays can create free radicals which are responsible for damaging the cells that provides hair its color.


Deficiency of Vitamin B12 is also another cause of graying in some individuals.


A research report released recently indicate that smokers are at a higher risk of having grey hair compared to non-smokers.


Stress is another cause of early greying of hair for many people.

For some people, hair turn grey because of genetics. That means grey hair is also genetically driven.


How to prevent premature graying


You cannot prevent graying of hair when it starts. What you can do is to change your behaviour because you cannot change some things such as your genes. Make sure you take sufficient minerals and vitamins. You also need to refrain from smoking.


If premature graying of hair concerns you, then we advise that you see your doctor for advise on what to do about.


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