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The University of Nairobi will hold its 63rd graduation ceremony virtually on September 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement released on Friday, Prof Kiama, the institution’s VC said all students who qualified for PhDs, Masters, Bachelors and fellowships will graduate.

The academic year for all continuing students will commence virtually in September. A date will be announced by the University’s Senate after discussions.

The institution is set to hold an online orientation for the first year class of 2020/2021.

 “In view of the current trends of infections and the need to ensure staff and students safety, the University of Nairobi will continue to dispense its services using online platforms.  The online teaching and learning, online admissions, online exams and virtual graduation will continue until such a time when we shall begin to see a decline in number of cases or when the experts will advice that it is safe to resume on campus learning,” said Prof Kiama.

“The Academic Division will issue joining instructions and guidelines for conducting the online orientation for the class of 2020/2021-First Year soon. The continuing students will also commence the new academic year virtually in September. The Senate is going to deliberate and provide specific dates.” He added.

In his address, professor Kiama also confirmed that the University of Nairobi had recorded 14 coronavirus cases among them 10 members of staff and 4 of their dependants.

In a statement posted on social media, Prof. Kiama said three active members of staff and one retired staffer also lost their lives to the deadly virus.

You can watch the VC’s full address in the YouTube link below


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