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What you are doing today will come to haunt you in ways you cannot imagine in future. The decision you make collectively in school will come to hit you as an individual,long after you have left high school. There is a time some naughty boys locked up girls in a dormitory and set it a blaze in Mount Kenya east, a school whose name was St. Kizito then. Lives were lost. It was a horrible moment in Kenya. The head of state,then,the retired late President Moi shed tears. It was a chilling experience for Kenya. Just go to YouTube instead of watching those porn and watch it. The boys who engineered that incident are not normal to this day.


I learnt in St. Paul’s Boys High School,AMASAGO. The school had a state of the art and post modern laboratory, that used to have a real human skeleton and other laboratory paraphernalia that could not be found even in some labs in our local universities. The construction of that laboratory that served the then Nyanza region was financed by the European union. One night, two boys decided to reduce it to ashes. Those who know this school, just go and inquire where the basketball pitch is in that school. That is the only memory that remained of that magnificent laboratory. The reason why those boys did that was ” kukaziwa”. That someone was waking them up at 4am every day and they felt that it was unreasonable. The two boys ,who are adults now are just going round collecting dirt in Keumbu and keroka markets respectfully. They are mad. They are insane. They are lunatics.


Today I entered the staffroom without the girls who were doing cleaning noticing. They were lamenting that it is unfortunate that this time round there was no half term break. They were deeply engaged in sex talk. That they have missed their ” boyfriends” and can’t wait for the term to come to an halt. Mark you,they are missing home because of “sex” and not any other thing( girls🤷🏿‍♂🤦🏿‍♂🤦🏿‍♂). Those are the children we are raising. Those are the people we are fighting for. Who shall rescue this generation? Where did we go wrong?


#parents, your children are not angels. They are not innocent as you think. Stop overprotecting them. Otherwise,you will be visiting them in different jails and hiring lawyers for them.


Dear fellow parents, share this story with other parents in other platforms country wide, so that together we can for once we address the indispline tragedy facing the current generation of students.




Sharing is Caring:

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