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In Namibia there is a 1,000 km long across the country. The Red Line separates the country into two parts: north and south. 


The fence was constructed by South Africa in the 1960s as part of the colonial control of the the economy. 


Many describe it as “barbarian border” because of its impact impact on the indigenous populations. 



The Red Line is guarded by security agencies who man roadblocks to check every vehicle that passes through it. 



Officially the line was created in 1896 to contain Rinderpest outbreak. Despite the effort to contain the disease, the epidemic reached Windhoek the following year 1897 wiping out 50% of the cattle population for the Ovaherero indigenous people. 



The livestock to the north of the Red Line cannot be sold abroad. However, farmers in the south can sale anywhere they want. 


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