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Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka is now under pressure to make tough options following the declaration of William Ruto as the president elect.

Kalonzo supported the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on his presidential bid over William Ruto. Odinga was defeated in the race.

William Ruto narrowly attained the minimum percentage required in Kenya for one to be declared the president elect with 50.49%. Raila Odinga followed with 48% and lost the presidential bid for the fifth time.

The wiper party leader had the ambitions of becoming president in 2027 but only if Raila won the elections.

He hoped Azimio’s presidential candidate had higher chances of winning the election and said he will be next in 2027 after Raila.

Following the loss of his favourite candidate, Kalonzo will be forced to reconsider his options in order to make his dream come true in the coming general elections. though period is still far, it will better for him if he starts earlier arrangement.

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Political analysts said that Kalonzo’s options won’t be very tough because he is a man that can suddenly change his plans, he could join William Ruto who is in power or continue with Raila in race to seek for justice.

 “The safest play for Kalonzo is to wait for Ruto to form government if his win is upheld by the court, be a fierce critic of his administration while in the opposition and offer solutions for the same.

“And this way he will get the clout to give him the impetus to run for office in the next election.

“Kalonzo cannot plan around Ruto if he wants to ascend to presidency because Ruto will definitely seek another term come 2027,” said Prof Edward Kisiangani, a political analyst.

The President elect William Ruto had earlier claimed during his campaigns that he will absorb Kalonzo into his government if his coalition takes over power.

And now that Ruto is in charge, it won’t be hard for Kalonzo to join hands with Ruto.

 “Kalonzo has stood with him (Raila) since 2013 and it was a mockery for Raila to subject Kalonzo to any form of an interview.

“Imagine someone asking Kalonzo what’s your name, your education level, and in the end, you conclude he has failed.

“This was ridicule to this community, and I assure you if I win, I will absorb him into my government.

“Now he (Raila) has promised to support Kalonzo in 2037 which is a lie. Years will have gone,” William Ruto said during campaigns.

But a political analyst Tom Mboya said that it will be premature for Kalonzo to abandon Azimio for Kenya Kwanza.

“Kalonzo must now consider what puts him in the best position to campaign for the 2027 Presidency.

“will it be by joining the government of the day (should the court uphold Ruto’s win) or is it by remaining in opposition and going against the government of the day and being vocal about it?” posed Mboya.

William Ruto and Raila Odinga

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