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Sir Jeremy Farrar, Welcome Trust Director, has made these claims in his new book indicating that the evidence that Covid could be spread by symptom-less carriers. There is a general agreement that research with great human impact should be released immediately while ensuring rigorous peer-review takes place.


The Lancet is the world’s most famous medical journal. The journal is accused of having sat on an important information which proved that Covid virus could jump from human to human and was spreading outside Wuhan in the initial days.


The editors of the report failed to share critical evidence which was provided by the brave Chinese scientists. The evidence provided was that the coronavirus would be spread by people who had no symptoms.


Sir Jeremy Farrar was shocked by the behavior of Lancet medical journal considering that they did not act with speed in the case of an emerging virus outbreak. It shows that Lancet was appeasing the Chinese authorities.


At that time, every second counted. According to Bob Seely, Tory MP, the lancet seemed to be seating on crucial information as an exclusive rather than getting it to the public domain as soon as possible.


If released that information would have informed healthcare professionals, scientists, doctors and others as soon as possible. The excuse provided by Lancet was that early release of information would have caused problems for their staff in Beijing.

According to Mail and Guardian, the Lancet recently refused to publish an article critical of China’s repression of Uighurs as it might also cause problems for staff at its Beijing Office.   


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