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Naomi Osaka has been in the middle of controversy over press conferences. She is now at the Olympics at her home country of Japan. Osaka has not been seen lately on the tennis court.


“For me I feel like more than anything I’m just focused on playing tennis,” Osaka said.


“Playing the Olympics has been a dream of mine since I was a kid so I feel like the break I took was very needed but I feel definitely a little bit refreshed and happy again.”


Naomi Osaka was ranked number 2 in the world. A lot of things have happened since Osaka lifted the trophy in Melbourne.  When she was at the French open, she announced that she would not participate in the media briefings at the tournament. This attracted backlash from various places and the French Tennis Federation rebuked her. She was also threatened that she won’t be part of future events.


Osaka withdrew from some events and said that she was struggling with depression. She avoided playing any competitive games for a long time. After the game, she was guided through a mixed zone where reporters were stationed. She answered a couple of questions from the media before she was rushed away by the International Tennis Federation.


“For me, honestly I don’t feel that weird about it,” Osaka said about speaking with the news media again. “It might feel weird to you guys, but I don’t know. I’m happy that I guess you guys are asking me questions but more than anything I was just focused on playing tennis and I guess I feel a little bit out of my body right now.”


“I just felt really nervous,” she said. “I haven’t played since France so there are things I felt like I did a bit wrong but I’m hoping I can improve in the matches I continue playing.”

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