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Arsenal FC in premier league is good news. The last time Arsenal FC won three consecutive games from the start of a season was in 2003-2004. This was the season Arsenal were regarded as the invincibles.


The then invincibles were coached by Arsene Wenger who managed to go the whole season unbeaten and lifting the Premier League trophy.


The 3-0 win against Bournemouth makes it a record broken that has lasted for almost two decades when they last won three opener matches.


Mikel Arteta took over the team in December 2019 and seems like there is a recommendable work done in those two seasons. With three games and three wins this season, he has started it different.


Arteta Arteta did not do well in his last two seasons but this season becomes the breakthrough. He made a couple of new signings that have changed their game play.


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Arsenal’s new signings include Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchencko from Manchester City. They also signed Saliba who has fitted in Arsenal’s back-line.


Despite the new signings, old players like Granit Xhaka and Odigaard have also improved their game by a great margin. 


In their last game against Bournermouth, it took Odegaard just 11 minutes to score two goals.


Saliba closed the chapter with his goal in the second half with an assist from Granit Xhaka in the 54th minute. Gabriel Jesus also managed to score the fourth goal only that it was ruled offside.


Gabriel Jesus has been the key player in the past two games, including this one only that luck slipped through his fingers.


Arsenal FC in premier league has shown what they are capable of and fans think this can be their season and can be called the ‘the invincibles’ once more.


But for Bournemouth, things became hard after losing 4-0 to Manchester City and that loss to the Gunners. Playing against Liverpool in their next fixture makes it worse.


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