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Terry Gou is a Taiwan billionaire and founder of Hon Hai Precision which is popularly known as Foxconn.

He founded the company in 1974 with a capital of $7500 and 10 elderly staff members.


In 2016, Terry Gou bought Nokia Mobile phone brand. He is the largest private employer and exporter in China with 1.2 million people on his payroll.


Terry Gou is an aggressive salesman. A story is told on how he arrived at the headquarters of many American companies without any invitation. At times people would call security on him but he ended up securing a number of contract manufacturing contracts through that approach.


In 1988, Terry Gou open his first factory in China. It was in Shenzhen. It was an entire campus made up of housing, medical, restaurants and even burial for workers.


In 1996, Terry Gou started building chassis for Compaq desktops. He also owns HMD Global which he established in 2016 to sell Nokia phones.


He is also the largest shareholder in biotech company known as Eirgenix.


In 2002, Terry Gou bought a Roztez castle in Czech Republic for a total of $30 million.



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