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Technologies used in the Oil and gas Industry  

There are numerous modern technologies used in oil and gas industry. These are as illustrated below:

  1. Scada Technology
  2. Scada technology has the capabilities to control all aspects of oil wells in many countries.
  3. It helps to put valves before and after sensitive areas
  4. Subsea well Testing
  5. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing requires specialized software and skills
  6. Open data – some data in the oil and gas industry should be made freely available to the members of the public. For instance the SIA and EIA reports. It is key to note that Kenya is already a signatory of Open Data.
  7. Satellite imagery – this technology is used in locating well in extremely remote and extensive areas. Flares from the oil and gas field can be seen from space. This technology also plays a role in tracking of oil spills.
  8. Aerial photography and imagery – GIS ready multi-spectral technologies such as NIR and RBG can be used to take images of the earth with capabilities to cover up to 80,000 hectares per day.
  9. Computer aided design – CAD
  10. GIS Integration is important in linear projections observe issues such as right-of-ways, roads and pipelines among others.

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