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Kisumu County residents define a water spring

2nd August 2019

Kisumu County residents define a water spring When I met the Kisumu County residents one of the important questions that they wanted to get answered is on what is a water spring?  Sharing is Caring:0

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What is working: Recycling water processes

12th June 2019

What is working: Recycling water processes Read More: Nairobi County to establish corporations for water and health  Sharing is Caring:0

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NASA astronauts Drink Urine

6th June 2017

NASA Astronauts Drink Own Urine without Complaining For a long time NASA astronauts have kept a secret that they drink their own urine while away in space. It’s so expensive to transport water to the International Space Station. It costs $48,000 for every liter. Therefore,  NASA astronauts have to find an affordable way of transporting […]

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Ndakaini Dam is Drying Up!

6th April 2017

Water is life. This is a popular phrase we have always come across with since our time in primary school. It still remains true for everyone. No water, no life. This is why we have not migrated to Mars, Jupiter or any other planet because there is no water there.  Ndakaini dam is also referred […]

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Isiolo International Airport

Isiolo International Airport Construction Behind Schedule

7th September 2016

The upgrading of Isiolo Airport to international standards is part of the flagship projects under the Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia (LAPPSET) corridor and now it is sadly reported to be behind schedule. The construction work on this airport started back on 24 October, 2014 and it is expected to come to completion by December […]

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