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The Oregon State University researcher has found out that there is a correlation between a great sex life and better performance at the work place. This calls for employees to balance work and life.

The study on work performance and sex for married workers discovered that those people who give priority to their sex life performed better at work. After having a great evening of sex, they were more likely to concentrate at work the following day and also enjoy their lives.

The researcher, Keith Leavitt is an associate professor at the College of Business at Oregon State University.

It is important for married people to take their sex lives more seriously. Managers should encourage their employees to maintain healthy sex lives and stable relationships. That way the employees will be happy and deliver more to the company’s profits.

Further, the study discovered that it is not advisable for employees to carry home their work-related stress. Always learn to leave work at your workplace. This may sound tricky because some people (read: freelancers) work from home. For these this group of workers work and home are intermarried.

It’s dangerous for work to be preferred over sex while at home. This will affect performance at work in the subsequent days.

These great findings have been published on the Journal of Management. This is to show the amount of weight all stakeholders should give the matters at hand. If you are to perform better at work, your evenings are meant to be shared with your spouse.

After diving deep into these sex life issues, we found out that sex is a natural moods elevator. Its benefits always extend to the next day, the researchers discovered.

To come up with this critical findings, researchers surveyed 159 married workers over a period of 2 weeks.

Make time for sex.

In Sweden, a council member made a proposal at the assembly that the municipal employees be given one hour out of their working hours for sex. His aim was to promote productivity and increase the falling population. This may not happen any time soon here in Nairobi City because we are already too many,we have hit the 3 million mark. All the same it sounds like a good idea to the Swiss.

All countries should strive to create conducive environment that helps employees to disconnect from work. Actually, in France they have a policy that prohibits sending work-related email after working hours.Instead of drafting emails spend the time pumping into each other for improved performance at work in subsequent days. 

source: Study on active sex life and productivity at work 

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