There are 10 business rules that I follow for success. These rules have been tested for many years are found to be working. 

Below are the rules: 

a) Have attitude and think big. Think of billions of dollars even if you are a start-up. You have nothing to lose. Think of your business as a global operation with a budget running into billions of dollars. 

b) Do not work alone, form a formidable team. Brainstorm how to attain success. 

c) Always network. This is also called connecting the dots. Always call your prospective customers with a plan in mind. Regularly reach out to your business contacts and identify connections before engaging any prospect. 

d) Focus on what people say cannot be done. There are not limits in the world a part from those set in our minds. 

e) Always close all the deals. 

f) Have your physical presence felt. Meet your customers face-to-face. This is what strengthens customer confidence. 

g) Have a collection of fun facts about your customer. This builds instant credibility. 

h) Always be proactive on paper work. Ensure all paper work is in order.

i) Be quid pro quo at all times. Never be afraid to demand for more and say no when it is necessary. Make sure you are allowed to announce the business deal in the press. This opens up more opportunities. 

j) Make it a habit of sharing best practices such as proposals and emails. Share with your team and encourage them to use these strategies in other deals. 

k) Chase and catch up with the game changers. These are the huge customers. 

The list above contains the 10 business rules that I follow faithfully. They are tested and proven. 

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