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Hallo Kerosi

Hope you’re doing well, on 29th April 2024. Hundreds of KFS guards raided sengwer homes in Kapkok glade within Embobut and razed them down, destroying all their belongings as they were got unawares while it was raining so heavily at the moment.

Sengwer forced evictions

The Famillies are suffering so much living in cold, they appealing for humaniterian support of tents, blankets and foodstuffs. Attached is a list that has been compiled of famillies affected from Kapchorwo, Kapkok, Kamoyokwo, Marichor and Kapkuna villages. there are other three villages affected so far in Kapkok Glade.

Sengwer forced evictions

The forceful eviction is still ongoing making it difficult profile all the families affected we are still no updating the list.


An approximation of about 1.6 million for about 300 tents and 600 blankets only without foodstuffs.


This is communication from members of the affected community. If you are willing to help the affected families please get in touch

Sengwer forced evictions from Embobut

Thank you in advance.

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