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Five humanoid robots, manufactured by a Belgium-based company have been delivered to Rwanda to help in the fight against coronavirus.

The robots have been given Rwandese names – Akazuba, Ikizere, Mwiza, Ngabo and Urumuri.

The 5 will be mainly assisting in delivering food and drugs to patients, screening patients and acting as video-conferencing links between patients and doctors.

According to Rwanda’s health minister, Daniel Ngamije, the use of robots will help reduce exposure of health workers to Covid-19 patients.

Rwanda has two coronavirus treatment facilities – one is on the outskirts of the capital, Kigali and the other one is at Nyamata, South East of Rwanda.

Mr. Ngamije told BBC that Rwandan government is working to get more robots.

‘’We need additional robots for other duties like disinfection in public space and we are working to get them.’’

According to Rwanda’s health ministry, the robots have a number of abilities, including:

  • Recording and storing patient data
  • Alerting health workers of abnormalities
  • Warning people who are not wearing masks, or who are not wearing them properly
  • Screening up to 150 people in a minute

Source: BBC News

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