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USA president Donald Trump has criticised World Health Organisation (WHO) for not responding to reports of discrimination and racism against Africans living in China in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.

Mr Trump called WHO ‘’puppet of China’’ and threatened to freeze US funding. Trump has also accused China repeatedly of failing in its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

President Trump wrote a letter to WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and accused the agency for not commenting on China’s discriminatory actions, forced quarantines and evictions by African nationals.

He was referring to widespread testing of foreign nationals in Guangzhou in April that was marred by claims of Africans being targeted on the basis of their race.

Videos of Africans sleeping on the streets were seen after they were allegedly evicted from hotels and houses. Those interviewed said they were being forced into quarantine.

The Guangzhou authorities denied claims of racial profiling, but president Trump has said the WHO should have condemned the ‘’racially discriminatory actions’’.

The US president shared the letter on his twitter handle.

Source: BBC News

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