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Ravi Jaipuria is popularly known as India’s cola king. He is leads his RJ Corp. The company has interests in healthcare, beverages and fast food. In India, RJ Corp has interests in education, ice cream, beer sales, hotels and real estate.


Ravi Jaipuria has an estimated net worth $11.6 billion. His companies have branches in Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal and Mozambique. The group acquired Daima milk brand in Kenya.


He owns Varun Beverages which is listed with the stock exchange in India. Its main business is bottling for PepsiCo which makes his company the largest bottler of Pepsi outside the United States of America.


I n 2022, Varun Beverages won the PepsiCo’s International  Bottler of the Year award. The company owns 10 bottling plants in India.


Ravi Jaipuria undertook his studies in the United States of America before return to India in 1985 to join his family business as a bottle of Coca-Cola.


In 1987, his family had an internal division and as a result he got one bottling plant as his share of family wealth. That made him to switch his business to PepsiCo.


Ravi also owns Devyani International which operates Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut and KFC stores in India. This company got listed in August 2021 and further boosted his  wealth. His company owns 400 branches of KFC in India which is 70 percent of all branches in India. The company bought 274 KFC outlets in Thailand.


RJ Corp owns Cream Bell which manufactures ice creams. PepsiCo makes Pepsi Cola. Quaker Oats, Mountain Dew Lemon drink and Kurkure snacks sold their properties across India.

Pepsi Cola in India



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